VirtualHype Group - Forum Rules & Regulations

Please follow these rules to keep the forum pleasant for everyone to use.
Failure to abide by these rules will result in VirtualHype Staff intervention, leading to a possible ban or total removal from the community.

Forum Language - English Only

  • The Forum Language has been set as English only to allow for easier communication with other members or VirtualHype Staff.
  • You do not have to be FLUENT in English but at least be able to communicate to a decent standard.

Always be Respectful

  • Treat others members of the Community with the same respect in which you would expect to have in return.
  • VirtualHype Staff have the final say on all decisions made in Support Cases.
  • Please direct any disputes to the VirtualHype Staff so they can be resolved without conflict.


  • Discrimination of any kind is strictly prohibited within VirtualHype.
  • This includes but is NOT limited to: Sexuality, Gender, Race etc.


  • The definition of Harassment is any aggressive behavior with the intention of pressuring someone into doing something and not leaving them alone, despite being asked..
  • Any Harassment of a Sexual Nature should be reported to VirtualHype Staff so a full investigation & action can be taken.

Spam Topics / Automated Messages

  • The definition of Spam is described as any advertisement or irrelevant threads, including adverts from other Gaming Communities.
  • Automatic Messaging Bots for Spam are strictly forbidden within VirtualHype.
  • Registering / Posting by a Bot is not prohibited. Humans only, please!

Adult & Illegal Content

  • Profanity/Swearing is allowed in VirtualHype, although please keep it moderated.. You must consider the fact that other members in the Forums may be younger than you. Do not swear just because you can!
  • Any form of Hacking attempts or sharing of Hacking Information across the Forum is strictly prohibited.
  • Any content containing adult material, nude photography or paedophilic content is strictly prohibited

Impersonation / Accessing Other Accounts

  • It is strictly prohibited within VirtualHype to attempt to Impersonate another member of the Community or Staff Team.
  • You must not create a new Account for the purpose of provoking other members.
  • Unauthorized Access or attempted access to another member’s account is strictly prohibited.

Game Forum - Metagaming

  • As this forum is a Hub for multiple game servers, some of which include Roleplay aspects, please do not take the information you gain from the forum sub-topics into the game unless it is permitted to do so.

For example: Learning about plans which another player is planning without physically hearing about it in-game.

Although, the most important rule is to Have Fun.

Kick back, relax & enjoy meeting new people while playing the games you love, on a server which has been created with the community in our thoughts. VirtualHypeStaffare around to monitor the Forums, Game Servers & TeamSpeak should you have any issues.

Best Regards,
VirtualHype Ownership